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palabra de traducción para " fabuloso "
  • Que pertenece al mundo de las fábulas y leyendas o de la fantasía.
  • Tan extremo que es difícil de creer, como una fábula.
  • Muy bueno, excelente, maravilloso.
  • (del mundo de las fábulas; imposible de creer; maravilloso).

Beispiele für " fabulous "
  • That girl is 'fabulously' beautiful.
  • Burying its head in the sand is 'fabulously' attributed to the ostrich.
  • I’m reading 'the' book. (Compare I’m reading 'a' book.)
  • 'The' street in front of your house. (Compare 'A' street in Paris.)
  • 'The' men and women watched 'the' man give 'the' birdseed to 'the' bird.
  • No one knows how many galaxies there are in 'the' universe.
  • God save 'the' Queen!
  • That apple pie was 'the' best.
  • Feed 'the' hungry, clothe 'the' naked, comfort 'the' afflicted, and afflict 'the' comfortable.
  • No one in 'the' whole country had seen it before.
  • I don't think I'll get to it until 'the' morning.
  • A stone hit him on 'the' head. (= “A stone hit him on his head.”)
  • That is 'the' hospital to go to for heart surgery.
  • 'The' hotter, 'the' better.
  • 'The' more I think about it, 'the' weaker it looks.
  • 'The' more money donated, 'the' more books purchased, and 'the' more happy children.
  • It looks weaker and weaker, 'the' more I think about it.
  • It was a difficult time, but I’m 'the' wiser for it.
  • It was a difficult time, and I’m none 'the' wiser for it.
  • I'm much 'the' wiser for having had a difficult time like that.
  • neki kreten 'the' ih drka emotivno
  • 'the' ovo okačim na fb wall, garant ne bih opstala od borKINJa za ženska prava
  • 'them' uuīha uuīsa lēstean: To obey 'that' holy wise.