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palabra de traducción para " amputar "
  • o separar algo de su origen, especialmente una parte del cuerpo.

Beispiele für " amputate "
  • I want 'to' leave.
  • He asked me what 'to' do.
  • I don’t know how 'to' say it.
  • I have places 'to' go and people 'to' see.
  • "Did you visit the museum?" "I wanted 'to', but it was closed."
  • If he hasn't read it yet, he ought 'to'.
  • We are walking 'to' the shop.
  • He devoted himself 'to' education.
  • They drank 'to' his health.
  • That is something 'to' do.
  • His face was beaten 'to' a pulp.
  • similar 'to' ..., relevant 'to' ..., pertinent 'to' ..., I was nice 'to' him, he was cruel 'to' her, I am used 'to' walking.
  • one 'to' one = 1:1
  • ten 'to' one = 10:1.
  • Three squared or three 'to' the second power is nine.
  • Three 'to' the power of two is nine.
  • Three 'to' the second is nine.
  • I gave the book 'to' him.
  • ten 'to' ten = 9:50; We're going to leave at ten 'to' (the hour).
  • Stay where you're 'to' and I'll come find you, b'y.
  • Please push the door 'to'.
  • che al sedi santifiât il 'to' nom, che al vegni il 'to' ream, — "'Your' kingdom come, 'your' will be done," (third and fourth sentences of Lord's Prayer)
  • 'To' té paʼlé gra. / 'To' te pale gra.
  • tō to drive