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  • Dedicado al desempeño de algún cargo.<ref name="novísimo"> Pág. 1007</ref>

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  • The law school graduate 'clerked' for the supreme court judge for the summer.
  • Det är fel på 'datan'
  • I like to 'travel'.
  • Soundwaves can 'travel' through water.
  • I’ve 'travelled' the world.
  • Hooker
  • space 'travel'
  • 'travel' to Spain
  • I’m off on my 'travels' around France again.
  • There was a lot of 'travel' in the handle, because the tool was out of adjustment.
  • My drill press has a 'travel' of only 1.5 inches.
  • Eamon Ryan is a 'Deputy' in the Dáil.
  • At today's meeting, 'Deputy' Ryan will speak on local issues.
  • an executive or judical 'office'; a municipal 'office'
  • kind 'offices', pious 'offices'
  • Det är fel på 'datan'
  • 'Post' no bills.
  • to 'post' someone for cowardice
  • Since Jim was new to the game, he had to 'post' $4 in order to receive a hand.
  • sent via 'post'; parcel 'post'
  • Two of the receivers ran 'post' patterns.
  • Mail items 'posted' before 7.00pm within the Central Business District and before 5.00pm outside the Central Business District will be delivered the next working day.
  • I couldn't figure it out, so I 'posted' a question on the mailing list.
  • 'Post' a sentinel in front of the door.
  • Toekomstig Amerikaans president Barack Obama maakt zijn keuzes bekend voor de 'posten' binnen zijn kabinet op het gebied van veiligheid en buitenlands beleid. — President elect Barack Obama makes his choices known for the posts within his cabinet in the area of security and exterior policy.
  • 'Posten' som ordförande i idrottsföreningen är vakant.
  • I'm going to delete these unwanted 'files' to free up some disk space.
  • She 'filed' for divorce the next day.
  • The company 'filed' for bankruptcy when the office opened on Monday.
  • They 'filed' for a refund under their warranty.
  • The troops marched in Indian 'file'.
  • The applicants kept 'filing' into the room until it was full.
  • Fielding
  • I'd better 'file' the bottoms of the table legs. Otherwise they will scratch the flooring.
  • By 'law', one is not allowed to own a wallaby in New York City.
  • A new 'law' forbids driving on that road.
  • "Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you" is a good 'law' to follow.
  • Newton's third 'law' of motion states that to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. This is one of several 'laws' derived from his general theory expounded in the Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica.
  • Here comes the 'law' — run!
  • The process left metal 'filings' all over the bench and the part.
  • the 'justice' of a description
  • 'Justice' was served.
  • to demand 'justice'
  • Ministry of 'Justice'
  • the 'justice' system
  • Mr. 'Justice' Krever presides over the appellate court
  • blood bank;  sperm bank;  data lang=en
  • He banked with Barclays.
  • I'm going to 'bank' the money.
  • the 'banks' of Newfoundland
  • The 'bank' of clouds on the horizon announced the arrival of the predicted storm front.
  • Ores are brought to 'bank'.
  • to 'bank' sand
  • Shakespeare
  • a 'bank' of switches
  • Burrill
  • Knight
  • a stage or railway 'post'
  • on the 'port' side
  • 'Port' your helm!
  • Him I accuse/The city 'ports' by this hath enter'd — w:William Shakespeare, w:Coriolanus Coriolanus (1623),
  • And from their ivory 'port' the Cherubim,/Forth issuing at the accustomed hour, — w:John Milton, w:Paradise Paradise Lost (1667), s:Paradise Lost/Book book IV
  • ...her 'ports' being within sixteen inches of the water... — w:Walter Sir W. Raleigh
  • They are easily 'ported' by boat into other shires. — w:Thomas Fuller, The History of the Worthies of England
  • 'Port' arms!
  • ...the angelic squadron...began to hem him round with 'ported' spears. — w:John Milton, w:Paradise Paradise Lost (1667), s:Paradise Lost/Book book IV
  • Gamers can't wait until a 'port' of the title is released on the new system.
  • The latest 'port' of the database software is the worst since we made the changeover.
  • His carrying a knife was 'counter' to my plan.
  • a hound that runs 'counter'
  • The merchant receives a large 'invoice' of goods.
  • a 'bank' of pay phones
  • He did not stop 'there', but continued his speech.
  • They patched up their differences, but matters did not end 'there'.
  • 'There, there.' Everything is going to turn out all right.
  • 'There!' That knot should hold.
  • You get it ready; I'll take it from 'there'.
  • 'There' are two apples on the table. [=Two apples are on the table.]
  • 'There' is no way to do it. [=No way to do it exists.]
  • Is 'there' an answer? [=Does an answer exist?]
  • No, 'there' isn't. [=No, one doesn't exist.]
  • If x is a positive number, then 'there' exists [='there' is] a positive number y less than x.
  • 'There' remain several problems with this approach. [=Several problems remain with this approach.]
  • Once upon a time, in a now-forgotten kingdom, 'there' lived a woodsman with his wife. [='There' was a woodsman, who lived with his wife.]
  • 'There' arose a great wind out of the east. [='There' was now a great wind, arising in the east.]
  • 'There' seems to be some difficulty with the papers. [=It seems that 'there' is some difficulty with the papers.]
  • I expected 'there' to be a simpler solution. [=I expected that 'there' would be a simpler solution.]
  • 'There' are beginning to be complications. [=It's beginning to be the case that 'there' are complications.]
  • 'there'for, 'there'at, 'there'under
  • Hi 'there', young fellow.
  • The girls were playing in the 'court'.
  • The noblemen visited the queen in her 'court'.
  • The queen and her 'court' traveled to the city to welcome back the soldiers.
  • Many famous criminals have been put on trial in this 'court'.
  • The 'court' started proceedings at 11 o'clock.
  • The 'court' is now in session.
  • The local sports club has six tennis 'courts' and two squash 'court's .
  • The shuttlecock landed outside the 'court'.
  • He was 'courting' big new accounts that previous salesman had not attempted.
  • He 'courted' controversy with his frank speeches.
  • The bird was 'courting' by making an elaborate dance.
  • She's had a few beaus come 'courting'.
  • In this season, you can see many animals 'courting'.
  • The jargon becomes a 'shorthand' for these advanced concepts.
  • The law school graduate 'clerked' for the supreme court judge for the summer.
  • Knight
  • The store 'stocks' all kinds of dried vegetables.
  • to 'stock' a warehouse with goods
  • to 'stock' a farm, i.e. to supply it with cattle and tools
  • to 'stock' land, i.e. to occupy it with a permanent growth, especially of grass
  • Shakespeare
  • stock items
  • stock sizes
  • That band is quite stock
  • He gave me a stock answer
  • If you want to buy a bicycle, you need to put the money in your piggy 'bank'.
  • The girls were playing in the 'court'.
  • The local sports club has six tennis 'courts' and two squash 'courts'.
  • The shuttlecock landed outside the 'court'.
  • an executive or judical 'office';  a municipal 'office'
  • kind 'offices';  pious 'offices'
  • an executive or judical 'office';  a municipal 'office'
  • kind 'offices';  pious 'offices'