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Beispiele für " whitewash "
  • The houses looked very bright when they 'whitewashed' the whole neighborhood.
  • In his sermon, the minister didn't try to 'whitewash' over the sins of his church.
  • Addison
  • Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers
  • Mark Twain was a 'master' of fiction.
  • She has a 'master' in psychology.
  • He is a 'master' of marine biology.
  • The band couldn't find the 'master', so they re-recorded their tracks.
  • The case was tried by a 'master', who concluded that the plaintiffs were the equitable owners of the property.
  • 'master' lang=en
  • It took her years to 'master' the art of needlecraft.
  • a two-'master'
  • He 'mastered' in English at the state college.
  • [// Hollywood, Don't You Dare Whitewash Stonewall]